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How nice to have you visiting our page.


My name is Dave, founder and director of Duijn Hospitality Services and Private Security.

Starting as review-manager at one of the well known bookingsites, I got to learn a lot about hotels but even more about the expectations of guests.

Wanting to actually help fulfilling and exceeding these expectations  I joined a Front Office in Zandvoort / Amsterdam Beach.


From there I evolved to working in bigger hotels (even in the biggest of the Benelux) in different roles but mainly as Front Office Supervisor / Night Manager / Night Auditor. Next to going all out on Hospitality, a huge part of these jobs concerned Security . I decided to focus on both.


Being confronted with the huge impact of COVID-19 on the hotelbusiness, I used my extra time off for development and got some more certifications in the fields of Security and Advanced First Aid.


Now being allround certified, knowing multiple PMS's  and knowing lots of collegues in the business, I offer you my services and of the ones from whom I personally know they love their job as much as I do.


Please feel free to invite me for a meeting to discuss what we can mean for your business.


Warm regards,